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(26 March 2015)

At 12 Noon the 9th Collecta will open its door and gather more than 130 collectors and traders from 18 countries. Collectors will offer at the fair area coins, postacrds, stamps, figurines, vinyl discs, cards, old books and prints, antiques, material for collectors etc. The fair will also offer 23 thematic exhibitons, among which an exhibition of famous slovenian illustrator Miki Muster, an exhibition of spy cameras, occasional silver coins of slovenian skier Tina Maze, silver coins with parts of Moon and Mars ...

The solemn opening with the stamps presenations will take place at 12.15 at the Gospodarsko razstavišče (Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre) in B2 Basement Hall. Chairman of the Programme Committee Mr. Mitja Lamut, a member of Post of Slovenia and the President of the Slovenian Philatelic Association Prof. Dr. Peter Suhadolc will welcome all attendees.

Opening hours:

  • Thursday, 26 March, from 12 Noon til 6 pm
  • Friday, 27 March, from 9 am till 6 pm
  • Saturday, 28 March, from 9 am till 6 pm



(17 March 2015)

All of you who wish to enter the fair before it's offitial opening (Collecta will open its doors on Thursday, 26 March 2015, at 12 Noon), are invited to order the VIP ticket.

The VIP ticket entitles you to enter the fair two hours preopening, meaning on Thursday, 26 March 2015, at 10 am:

  • VIP ticket price: 15 EUR
  • VIP ticket order: order >
  • All who will order the VIP ticket will be able to receive the ticket at the fair INFO POINT. After payment you will be able to enter the fair.

Ensure yourself the entrance before the opening and order the VIP ticket today!



(12 March 2015)

"Who doesn't know Zvitorepec, Lakotnik, Trdonja, teddy Neewe, Ostrostrelec, Stezosledec, Zadnji Mohikanec and other heroes of many comics and picture books? And also a naughty bunnies from Cikcak, commercials for Mercator, Viki krema, Čunga Lunga, Jelovica and other stories? The author of these creations is Miki Muster. Without a doubt he is one of the best artists and designer of picture books, comics and cartoon films  in Slovenian and European scale. " (Source: www.mikimuster.si)

At this year's Collecta you can meet this legend of Slovenian comic Miki Muster, which this year is celebrating impressive 90 years.

You can meet him on Friday, 27 March, 2015 at 4 pm in the Povodni mož Hall of the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center (basement hall B2), when he will be available for autographs. Besides you will also be able to visit his exhibition (organized by strip.art.nica Buch) and buy his posters, picture books, etc.
Photo source:  www.mikimuster.si



(10 March 2015)

On Saturday, 28 March 2015, at 12 Noon, the auction of old books and pints will again take place and as traditionally it will be held by Antiquarium Glavan.  Posters of late 19th century till the 80s' of the 20th century, some comic books of Miki Muster and rare children's books, first issues, originals photos will be put on sale.

For more info click HERE.



(9 March 2015)

Don't miss out this year's programme. We are preparing for you visitors an amazing happening. From thematic exhibition Light and minerals, till a collection of slovenian fossils on postal stamps, the all time liked UV-box revealing the true colours of minerals and stones, and the amazing exhibition of the slovenian inventor of photography on glass Janez Puhar ... and we're also going to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, the 110th anniversary of the Slovenian Prešeren's Statue, the slovenian poet, 90 years of Miki Muster, the most known illustrator and comic book designer in slovenia - and you will be able to meet him!

As tradition request, we are also preparing a rich programme for children, the saturday auction of old books and prints, some lectures for the public - like Why collect, about Modern Philately etc.

Learn more HERE.




(7 March 2015)

For the second time we have invited a renowned designer, illustrator and photographer, Matjaž Učakar, who has already created numerous commemorative coins for the Bank of Slovenia, commemorative postage stamps and postcards illustrated for the Postal Service of Slovenia, Telekom phone cards and other materials. Učakar illustrated fair commemorative material as early as 2013. The author stated the following about the fair commemorative material:

"The very topic of how to display light on stamps along with minerals was a challenge, as the stamp should be bright and lively enough to be interesting for collectors. Light trapped in crystal chandeliers, reflecting the colours in the room, and an old vinyl record, whose spiral grooves touched by the beam of light through the crystal scatters in the rainbow, were quite a good basis for thinking. The decision to depict a diamond with a stylised rainbow on stamps and on other philatelic products was actually quite easy for me, because also Dr. Miha Jeršek well justified this phenomenon"; "Visible light is made up of the whole spectrum of rainbow colours, which can be clearly seen in the rainbow, when light is refracted and dispersed into tiny raindrops. Upon the transition of visible light, crystal absorbs part of the light and the stone colour is linked to the sum of unabsorbed colours. In the case of cut crystals, such as diamond, two things happen: visible light, due to refraction on the sharp edges of the faceted grinder, disperses in all spectral colours; the stone colour itself is a reflection of absorption. In the case of diamonds, completely colourless stones are generally appreciated, which means that the light is not absorbed in them. In rare cases, a portion of light is absorbed and then, even diamonds can be coloured. The most appreciated are red, blue, green and then pink, followed by the other colours. These are rare jewels and especially appreciated by collectors. All of these still have a dispersion of light present, which means that they are very attractive: they have their own colour and all spectral colours, this gives them brightness, especially if the stone is ground, such as, for example, if the diamond is cut in the form of a brilliant grindstone that we wear in our rings."

Illustration by Matjaz Učakar


(12 February 2015)


Final aplication deadline for participating in the 9th Collecta is ending on February 20th. This year's Collecta will gather different collectables - from a rich sales area to the thematic exhibition based on The International Year of Light and Light‐based Technologies.

At this point many collectors and traders have already confirmed their participation. They come from these countries: Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Check Republic, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey etc.





(1 December 2014)

Once again you are more than welcome to participate in 9th International Collectors Fair Collecta, which will take place at the usual place - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre from 26 till 28 March 2015. Traditionally Collecta will offer a varied programme for adults and children, as well as a rich exhibition-fair area where many collections, collecting items and informations will be exchanged. Do not miss out the biggest Collectors Fair in Slovenia with the longest tradition and apply today!
  • 11 December 2014: Early-Bird Application Deadline offering 5% discount
  • 20 February 2015: Final Application Deadline
The quickest way to make a reservation and application to this years Collecta is the E-Application Form so take advantage of the early-bird deadline and apply today!



(18 June 2014)


At last Collecta 6,000 visitors were able to take a look at collecting items from 150 traders from 16 different European countries

We will be very pleased if you join us at the 9th Collecta from 26 to 28 March 2015 in the Slovenian capital city, exactly at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana).


We will be back with all information on participation possibilities and prices, so stay with us!



(17 June 2014)

This year's Collecta
occasional post stamps, postcards, envelopes with stamps on in are available for purchase in our e-shop.

Shop now and get your very own collection!


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